STK760-213A-E: Single-Phase Rectification Active Converter

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The STK760-213A-E is an average current control type of Hybrid IC designed to improve a power factor of single-phase AC power supply, integrating a power switching of step-up active converter, control IC, and over current/over voltage protection circuit into one package. This HIC provides for high PF, low THD and excellent DC Bus regulation while enabling drastic reduction in component count, PCB area and design time as compared to traditional solutions. The input AC current of STK760-213A-E is 20Ams. And there is the line-up of the pin compatible of 20Ams and 40Ams. And the STK760-213A-E is an L angle forming products.
Features   Benefits
  • IGBT used for active converter power switching.
  • Smaller loss in the higher current area compared to MOSFET.
  • Built-in protection circuit for over current/over voltage, or undervoltage and also includes soft-start function.
  • Protects a device from an abnormal operation or in-rush current.
  • Built-in output voltage variable function by a control signal.
  • Easy to vary output voltage.
  • Enables ON/OFF by PFC control at a logic level.
  • Enables to ON/OFF PFC directly from a microcomputer.
Applications   End Products
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Clothes Washer
  • General Control System
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STK760-213A-E Obsolete
STK760-213A-E SIP-22 127BU NA Fan-Fold 7  
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