High Voltage Switching Regulator



The MC33365 is a monolithic high voltage switching regulator that is specifically designed to operate from a rectified 240 Vac line source. This integrated circuit features an on-chip 700 V/1.0 A SENSEFET™ power switch, 450 V active off-line startup FET, duty cycle controlled oscillator, current limiting comparator with a programmable threshold and leading edge blanking, latching pulse width modulator for double pulse suppression, high gain error amplifier, and a trimmed internal bandgap reference. Protective features include cycle-by-cycle current limiting, input undervoltage lockout with hysteresis, bulk capacitor voltage sensing, and thermal shutdown. This device is available in a 16-lead dual-in-line package.

  • On-Chip 700 V, 1.0 A SENSEFET™ Power Switch
  • Rectified 240 Vac Line Source Operation
  • On-Chip 450 V Active Off-Line Startup FET
  • Latching PWM for Double Pulse Suppression
  • Cycle-By-Cycle Current Limiting
  • Input Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • Bulk Capacitor Voltage Comparator
  • Trimmed Internal Bandgap Reference
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown


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