Few External Components Reliable and Flexible SMPS Controller



The MC44608 is a high performance voltage mode controller designed for off-line converters. This high voltage circuit that integrates the start-upcurrent source and the oscillator capacitor, requires few external components while offering a high flexibility and reliability.

The device also features a very high efficiency stand-by management consisting of an effective Pulsed Mode operation. This technique enables the reduction of the stand-by power consumption to approximately 1W while delivering 300mW in a 150W SMPS.
Integrated Start-Up Current Source
Lossless Off-Line Start-Up
Direct Off-Line Operation
Fast Start-Up

  • Flexibility
  • Duty Cycle Control
  • Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • On Chip Oscillator Switching Frequency 40, 75, or 100 kHz
  • Secondary Control with Few External Components

  • Maximum Duty Cycle Limitation
  • Cycle by Cycle Current Limitation
  • Demagnetization (Zero Current Detection) Protection
  • "Over VCC Protection" Against Open Loop
  • Programmable Low Inertia Over Voltage Protection Against Open Loop
  • Internal Thermal Protection

    SMPS Controller
  • Pulsed Mode Techniques for a Very High Efficiency Low Power Mode
  • Lossless Startup
  • Low dV/dT for Low EMI Radiations
  • Pb-Free Packages are Available


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