LIN Microstepping Motor Driver 800mA



The NCV70627 is a single-chip microstepping motor driver with position controller and control/diagnostic interface. It is ready to build dedicated mechatronics solutions connected remotely with a LIN master.
The chip receives positioning instructions through the bus and subsequently drives the motor coils to the desired position. The on-chip position controller is configurable (OTP or RAM) for different motor types, positioning ranges and parameters for speed, acceleration and deceleration. The NCV70627 acts as a slave on the LIN bus and the master can fetch specific status information like actual position, error flags, etc. from each individual slave node.
An integrated sensor-less step-loss detection prevents the positioner from loosing steps and stops the motor when running into stall. This enables silent, yet accurate position calibrations during a referencing run and allows semi-closed loop operation when approaching the mechanical end-stops.
The chip is implemented in I3T50 technology, enabling both high voltage analog circuitry and digital functionality on the same chip. The NCV70627 is fully compatible with the automotive voltage requirements. Due to the technology, the device is especially suited for use in applications with fluctuating battery supplies.

  • Automotive
  • Surveillance
  • Building automation
  • Distribution
  • Machine tools
  • Experiment automation, pipette control
  • Entertainment
  • HVAC and headlamp leveling and bending actuators
  • Camera positioning
  • HVAC, air-duct valves, radiator water-flow valves, green-house thermal management, venetian blinds
  • Robots, inspection tools, assembly, testing tools, dispensers, valves, pumps, feeders, printers
  • Vending machines, sorting machines, warehouse automation
  • Micro-dosing pumps
  • Slot machines, event lighting, television satellite dish, toys, android robot
  • Low temperature boost current up to 1100 mA
  • Programmable current stabilization phase
  • Enhanced Under Voltage Management
  • Sensorless step-loss detection
  • Automatic selection of fast and slow decay mode
  • No external flyback diodes required
  • Configurable speeds and acceleration
  • Field programmable node addresses
  • Dynamically allocated identifiers
  • Both physical and data-link layers (conform to LIN rev. 1.3)
  • LIN bus short circuit protection to supply and ground
  • High temp warning and management
  • Lost LIN safe operation
  • Micro-stepping technology
  • Peak current up to 800 mA
  • Fixed frequency PWM current control
  • Automatic selection of fast and slow decay mode
  • No external flyback diodes required
  • Compliant with 14 V automotive systems and industrial systems up to 24 V
  • Motion qualification mode
  • This is a Pb-free device


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