USB Type-C™ CC and SBU Protection IC



The FUSB251 is an I2C controlled over voltage protection switch on CC and SBU pins in USB Type−C™ interface port. The device has SPST switches on CC1/2 and SBU1/2 which are enabled automatically with valid VDD so that Type−C™ PD controller can use the over voltage protected CC path. The FUSB251 has dead battery mode and CC pulled down with Rd so the source device can provide Vbus for battery charging. Another feature of the FUSB251 is moisture detection on both the CC and SBU paths with ADC detection. Once moisture is detected an interrupt is generated and corresponding the register is updated to notify the host. The device has on−chip IEC protection with surge protection on both CC and SBU paths. Both CC and SBU ports are 20 V DC tolerant.

  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets, Netbooks, Ultra−Mobile PCs
  • Gaming Devices and E−books
  • Portable Devices with Li−ion Battery
  • Car Cigarette Jack
  • External USB Storage
  • Low Ron SPST Switches on both CC1/2 and SBU1/2 Path for USB Type−C™
  • Dead Battery Mode Provides Default Rd Presenting on CC1/2
  • 24V DC Tolerant on CC and SBU
  • ±35V Surge Protection on CC and SBU
  • Over Voltage Protection on CC and SBU
  • I2C Interface with Processor with Interrupt for event Notification
  • Moisture Detection on CC and SBU Pins
  • On−chip IEC ESD Protection with External Capacitor on CAP Pin
  • CC Ron 0.3Ω Typical
  • SBU Ron 3Ω Typical
  • 50MHz Bandwidth on SBU Switch


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