FSUSB104: Low Power, Two-Port, Hi-Speed USB2.0 (480Mbps) Switch

Datasheet: Low-Power, Two-Port, Hi-Speed, USB2.0 (480 Mbps) Switch
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The FSUSB104 is a bi-directional, low-power, two-port, Hi-Speed, USB2.0 switch. Configured as a double-pole, double-throw switch (DPDT) switch, it is optimized for switching between two Hi-Speed (480Mbps) sources or a Hi-Speed and Full-Speed (12Mbps) source.The FSUSB104 is compatible with the requirements of USB2.0 and features an extremely low on capacitance (CON) of 3.7pF. The wide bandwidth of this device (720MHz) exceeds the bandwidth needed to pass the third harmonic, resulting in signals with minimum edge and phase distortion. Superior channel-to-channel crosstalk also minimizes interference.The FSUSB104 contains special circuitry on the switch I/O pins for applications where the VCC supply is powered-off (VCC=0), which allows the device to withstand an over-voltage condition. This device is designed to minimize current consumption even when the control voltage applied to the SEL pin is lower than the supply voltage (VCC). This feature is especially valuable to ultra-portable applications, such as cell phones, allowing for direct interface with the general-purpose I/Os of the baseband processor. Other applications include switching and connector sharing in portable cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, printers, and notebook computers.
  • Low On Capacitance: 3.7pF Typical
  • Low On Resistance: 3.9Ω Typical
  • Low Power Consumption: 1µA Maximum-15µA Maximum ICCT over an Expanded Voltage Range (VIN=1.8V, VCC=4.3V)
  • Wide -3db Bandwidth: > 720MHz
  • Packaged in Pb-free 10-Lead UMLP (1.4 x 1.8mm)
  • 8kV ESD Rating, >16kV Power/GND ESD Rating
  • Power-Off Protection on All Ports When VCC=0V-D+/D- Pins Tolerate up to 5.25V
  • Media Tablets
  • Storage & Peripherals
  • Mobile Handsets
  • Wireless LAN Card & Broadband Access
  • PMP/MP3 Players
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FSUSB104UMX Lifetime
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FSUSB104 UQFN-10 523BC 1 260 Tape and Reel 5000 $0.276
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
ON Semiconductor   (2020-09-02 00:00) : 25,000
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