DP3T USB Type C Audio and UART Analog Switch with OVP



FSA1153 is a bi−directional, low power consumption, high speed USB 2.0 Type−C, Audio and UART analog switch with overvoltage protection function. Configured as a ouble−Pole, Triple Throw (DP3T) switch. FSA1153 protection function is to protect the Type−C USB 2.0 port pins from getting damage by high voltage; it provides receptacle side OVP function on USB 2.0 data pins, it will turn off the relative switch once the voltage level on DN_L or DP_R is over the OV threshold, it can withstand up to 20.5 V. The device will be damaged once the voltage on DN_L or DP_R is over 20.5 V.

  • Mobile
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Notebook PCs
  • Media Player
  • DP3T USB Type C Audio and UART Analog Switch
  • DP3T USB Type C Audio and UART Analog Switch
  • VDD: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • ICC: 30µA Typical
  • USB Switch 3dB Bandwidth (Sdd21): 1GHz
  • Audio Switch Negative Rail Capability: −3V to +3V
  • Audio Path RON = 1Ω(Typ.) at 3.3V
  • Audio Path THD+N = −110dB; 1 VRMS, 32ΩLoad; f = 20Hz-20kHz with A-Weighted Filter
  • UART Switch RON: 5Ω (Typ.) at 3.3V
  • UART Signal Range: 0-4.4V
  • Slow Turn On Function on MIC and AGND Switch
  • High Power Supply Ripple Rejection
  • 20.5V Overvoltage Protection on DN_L/DP_R
  • 20.5V Surge Protection on DN_L/DP_R (IEC61000−4−5)
  • These Devices are Pb-Free and are RoHS Compliant

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