STK984-190-E: Power Integrated Module (PIM), MOSFET, 40 V, 30 A

Datasheet: MOSFET Power Module, 40 V, 30 A, Compact DIP
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The STK984-190-E is a MOSFET power integrated module (PIM) containing 6 MOSFETs in a three-phase bridge (B6) configuration and a seventh MOSFET used as a reverse battery protection switch. The compact module is 29.6 mm x 18.2 mm and is 4.3 mm high. The MOSFET module uses a DBC substrate for excellent thermal performance. The module is suitable for 12 V automotive and industrial applications with motors rated up to 300 W.
Features   Benefits
  • Three-phase MOSFET bridge with reverse battery protection switch
  • Space saving is possible
  • Device is PPAP Capable
  • Suitable for automotive applications
  • 40 V MOSFETs with 30 A continuous and 85 A pulse current ratings
  • High pulse current rating for motor drive stall conditions
  • Motor power up to 300 W for 12 V system
  • Available wide range of motor
  • RDS(ON) = 9.5 mΩ max
  • QGD = 9.8 nC typ
Applications   End Products
  • Automotive
  • Wiper
  • Oil Pump
  • Water Pump
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STK984-190-E Lifetime
PPAP Capable
STK984-190-E DIP-S3 MODBL NA Tube 16 $6.9298
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
ON Semiconductor   (2020-09-02 00:00) : 2,304
Case Outlines
STK984-190-E: Power Integrated Module (PIM), MOSFET, 40 V, 30 A
STK984-190-E: Power Integrated Module (PIM), MOSFET, 40 V, 30 A
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