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These products offer an optimum performance by balancing VCE(sat) and Eoff losses and controllable turnoff Vce overshoot. They also offer maximum reliability and performance from positive temperature co-efficient, low saturation voltage (VCE(sat)), very low switching and conduction losses, and fast switching. They are well suited for high performance power conversion applications and are even engineered and qualified for automotive and industrial applications.

Product Family

EV Traction Inverter IGBTs

Using Field Stop 3 technology for electric vehicle traction inverter application.

Automotive IGBTs

Products for automotive applications.

Non-Automotive IGBTs

Products for non-automotive applications.

VE-Trac Chip, Bare Die

Bare Dies for automotive applications.


Optimized for driving the coil in the harsh environment of automotive ignition systems.

Shorted-anode IGBTs

Offer superior conduction and switching performances for soft switching applications.

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IGBT with SiC Copack Diode

Offers the optimum performance with both low conduction and switching losses for high efficiency operations.

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IGBT - 650 V 100 A FS3 for EV Traction Inverter Application

Offers low VCE(sat) voltage and tight parameter distribution.

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IGBT - 650 V 120 A FS3 for EV Traction Inverter Application

Offers very low conduction and switching losses for a high efficiency operation.

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Application Note

Reading onsemi IGBT Datasheets

The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor is a power switch well suited for high power applications such as motor control, UPS and solar inverters, and induction heating. If the application requirements are well understood, the correct IGBT can easily be selected from the electrical properties provided in the manufacturers’ datasheet. This application note describes the electrical parameters provided in the IGBT datasheets.

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Application Note

Reliability and Quality for IGBTs

In today’s semiconductor marketplace two important elements for the success of a company are product quality and reliability. Both are interrelated − reliability is the quality extended over the expected life of the product. For any manufacturer to remain in business, their products must meet and/or exceed the basic quality and reliability standards.

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Application Note

Effect of Gate-Emitter Voltage on Turn on Losses and Short Circuit Capability

This application note describes some of the impacts of the gate-emitter voltage on the IGBT device performance. Unlike the MOSFETs and BJTs, the magnitude of the gate-emitter supply voltage of an IGBT has a more significant impact on the performance of the device.

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Application Note

Motor Control IGBTs and Free‐Wheeling Diodes

This application note will examine onsemi IGBTs and free-wheeling diodes and show how the losses and ruggedness issues affect the selection of an IGBT for a motor drive application.

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Electric Vehicles Powered by Power Modules VE-Trac Direct and VE-Trac Dual

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