BELASIGNA R281: Always-Listening, Voice Trigger Audio DSP System

Datasheet: Always-Listening, Voice Trigger Solution
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BelaSigna® R281 is an ultra-low-power voice trigger solution for a wide range of consumer electronic devices. In a typical application, BelaSigna R281 is "always listening" and will detect a single, user-trained trigger phrase, asserting a wake-up signal when this trigger phrase is detected.

"Always-on" key phrase detection with an average power consumption of less than 300 uW (not including the power consumption of the microphone) preserves Standby battery life.

BelaSigna R281 is an ultra-miniature solution that is available in both a 5 mm x 5mm QFN32 package and a 2.42 mm x 2.74 mm WLCSP package. It can be designed onto a single layer PCB with 4 mil routing and with a minimal amount of external components.

An external, I2C host controller is required to configure the device for operation.

Please note that this part is not recommended for new designs.

Features   Benefits
  • Ultra-Low-Power
  • ~ 300 µW power consumption for true "always-on" operation without affecting battery Standby life
  • Superior Performance
  • Unique pattern-matching audio algorithm developed internally by ON Semiconductor
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Supports analog or digital microphone inputs
  • Easy Design-In
  • Available in ultra-miniature form-factors for fast and simple integration
Applications   End Products
  • "Always Listening" Hands-Free Voice Trigger
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Smart Watches
  • Portable Electronic Devices
  • Personal Communication Devices
  • Any device with an extremely low-power sleep mode which could benefit from "always listening" voice trigger technology
Budgetary Price/Unit
Case Outline
BR281Q32A101V1G Obsolete
Halide free
BELASIGNA R281, BelaSigna R281- Always Listening, Voice Trigger Solution (QFN32) QFN-32 488AM 3 260 Tape and Reel 5000  
BR281W31A101V1G Active, Not Rec
Halide free
BELASIGNA R281, BelaSigna- Always Listening, Voice Trigger Solution (WLCSP) WLCSP-31 567NB 1 260 Tape and Reel 2500  
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Case Outlines
488AM    567NB   
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