LC72717PW: Mobile FM Multiplex Broadcast Demodulator (DARC) Receiver

Datasheet: Mobile FM Multiplex Broadcast (DARC) Receiver IC
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The LC72717PW is a data demodulation LSI for receiving FM multiplex broadcasts for mobile reception in the DARC format. This LSI includes an on-chip bandpass filter for extracting the DARC signal from the FM baseband signal. It also supports ITU-R recommended FM multiplex frame structures (methods A, A’, B, and C) and can implement a compact, multifunction DARC reception system. The LC72717PW’s package, pin assignment and electrical characteristics are same as the LC72715PW (VICS-LSI). Functionally, the LC72717PW is a product that VICS function is removed from the LC72715PW. The LC72717PW is also control-compatible with the LC72711LW. Note that a contract with the NHK Engineering System, Inc. may be required to produce DARC compatible products in case, please contact with the NHK Engineering System, Inc.
  • Adjustment-free 76 kHz SCF bandpass filter
  • Supports all FM multiplex frame structures under CPU control.
  • MSK delay detection system based on a 1T delay.
  • Error correction function based on a 2T delay (in the MSK detection stage)
  • Digital PLL based clock regeneration function
  • Shift-register 1T and 2T delay circuits
  • Block and frame synchronization detection circuits
  • Functions for setting the number of allowable BIC errors and the number of synchronization protection operations.
  • Error correction using (272, 190) codes
  • Built-in layer 4 CRC code checking circuit
  • On-chip frame memory and memory control circuit for vertical correction
  • 7.2 MHz crystal oscillator circuit
  • Two power saving modes : STNBY and EC STOP
  • Applications can use either a parallel CPU interface (DMA) or a 'computer control bus' serial interface.
  • Supply voltage : 2.7 V to 3.6 V
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LC72717PWGEVB Active
FM Composite Signal Evaluation Board
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LC72717PW SPQFP-64 / SQFP-64 131AK 3 260 Tray JEDEC 800  
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Halide free
LC72717PW SPQFP-64 / SQFP-64 131AK 3 260 Tape and Reel 1000  
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