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NCP2892: Audio Power Amplifier, 1.3 W, with Fast Turn-On Time

Datasheet: 1.3 W Audio Amplifier with Fast Turn On Time
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The NCP2892 is an audio power amplifier designed for portable communication device applications such as mobile phone applications. The NCP2892 is capable of delivering 1.3 W of continuous average power to an 8.0 Ω load from a 5.0 V power supply, and 1 W to a 4.0 Ω load from a 3.6 V power supply.The NCP2892 provides high quality audio while requiring few external components and minimal power consumption. It features a low-power consumption shutdown mode, which is achieved by driving the SHUTDOWN pin with logic low. In case of a differential input, the NCP2892 contains circuitry to prevent from "pop and click" noise that would otherwise occur during turn-on and turn-off transitions.For maximum flexibility, the NCP2892 provides an externally controlled gain (with resistors), as well as an externally controlled turn-on time (with the bypass capacitor). When using a 1 uF bypass capacitor, it offers 100ms wake up time.Due to its excellent PSRR, it can be directly connected to the battery, saving the use of an LDO. This device is available in the 9-Pin Flip-Chip CSP.
  • External Turn-On Time Setting: 100 ms (1uF Bypass Capacitor)
  • Zero Pop and Click Noise in case of a differential audio input
  • 1.3 W to an 8.0 Ω Load from a 5.0 V Power Supply
  • Excellent PSRR: Direct Connection to the Battery
  • Ultra Low Current Shutdown Mode: 10 nA
  • 2.2 V-5.5 V Operation
  • External Gain Configuration Capability
  • Up to 1.0 nF Capacitive Load Driving Capability
  • Thermal Overload Protection Circuitry
Applications   End Products
  • Audio Amplification
  • Mobile Phones
  • PDAs
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NCP2892AFCT2G Obsolete
Halide free
NCP2892 Flip-Chip-9 499E 1 260 Die Surf Tape and Reel 3000  
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PandS   (2020-09-14 00:00) : >1K
Case Outlines
NCP2892: Audio Power Amplifier, 1.3 W, with Fast Turn-On Time
NCP2892: Audio Power Amplifier, 1.3 W, with Fast Turn-On Time
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