Wireless m-Bus on AX5043


I am trying to configure a AX5043 to wireless m-Bus. With my current settings on 868.95MHz I do receive messages but not correct. Is there anyone that can help me with the correct register settings for the AX5043 with a 16Mhz clock

Hi Christiaan,
unfortunately we don’t have a ready-to-go WM-BUS stack available to share.
I do know of customers that implemented stacks on their own (or via STACKFORCE - embedded.connectivity.solutions ) for our radios, implying that our radios can support this protocol.

You say you are receiving, so your clock is working correctly. In general, for operation with different clocks, as long as you generate your config.c file with AX-RadioLab you should not have issues. (Be sure to change XTAL/TCXO in the Pin Configuration panel, and to set the correct frequency and load capacitor in the PHY Configuration panel).