WAKEUP Pad Configuration

Is it possible to configure this pad as weak pull-up on boot?

Hi @darrew ,
I don’t think it is possible for boot. (like power on stage).
The default setting is pull-down.

For ACS_WAKEUP_CFG, we have this configuration.
WAKEUP_PAD_POL: Wake-up polarity on the WAKEUP pad
0: Wake-up on the WAKEUP pad rising edge & enable pull-down (default)
1: Wake-up on the WAKEUP pad falling edge & enable pull-up

HI @larry.zhu , is it possible to configure as DIO at all (i.e. the application firmware defines this pad as weak pull-up)?

Hi @darrew ,
The wakeup pad is different with DIO internally.
The default DIO configuration:

  • DIO_6X_DRIVE (0x03)
  • DIO_WEAK_PULL_UP (0x01)
    (Reference RSL10 Hardware Reference — p265)

It is still not clear to me. I will try to be more specific.

Is it possible for the application firmware to define the WAKEUP pad as weak pull-up?

Please answer with Yes or No, thank you.

Hi @darrew ,
Because you asked for boot stage when power up, so DIOs and WAKEUP pad will use the default setting.
Yes, you can use application firmware to define other configuration after that.

Alright. If I understand correctly, it is possible to configure the WAKEUP pad POLARITY and therefore as either pull-up or pull-down. Thank you.

Hi @darrew ,
Yes. your understanding is correct.