Using the RSL10-USB001GEVK USB Dongle as a sniffer

I am using the RSL10 USB Dongle and the BLE Explorer software to gain information on the BLE connection. However I’d like to capture the BLE packets and have more detailed information about the transmitted packets using a BLE sniffer. Is there a way I can use the RSL10 USB Dongle or the RSL10-002GEVB Evalboard as a sniffer? Or what kind of alternative hardware would you recommend?

Hi @j.heinzmann, thanks for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, simple Bluetooth devices are incapable of simultaneously monitor all Bluetooth traffic on all channels, in the same way an industrial protocol analyzer would.

I found an article (here) that does a good job comparing the full range of options available. We frequently use products such as the Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker. I had previously come across the Teledyne Lecroy Frontline BPA, which seems like it may be a better low cost option, but I have no experience using one.

I hope you find this helpful. Thank you for using our community forum.

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Hi @taylor.lee,
thanks for your answer. The overview of the different options is very helpful! I will have a closer look on the devices that are available.