Trying to reprogram peripheral name on RSL10-SENSE-DB-GEVK

I can’t seem to reprogram the peripheral name (the IOS app has specific requirements on this parameter for the beacon to be displayed)…

I programed the device with Eclipse IDE and was able to change the sleep timing to 20s (default 60s to go into sleep), was able to see this change and then modified the peripheral name and have not been able to reprogram the peripheral name again…I can adjust the sleep timing…but not the peripheral name and I can see it functioning in a separate Beacon app with the changed peripheral name….

I’ve downloaded the Flash Loader and tried that as well, full erase, program and verify….no change to the peripheral name…

Get this error on the first attempt…a second attempt succeeds?

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I’m not sure why the first failed attempt to flash with the flash loader, but it does seem that you’ve successfully changed the peripheral name since the second app sees the new name. The issue seems to be that the app has cached the name from the first time it detected the beacon. Is there a way to have the app forget the beacons it has scanned? If not, you may need to reinstall the app to get it to use the updated name.

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