Taking 8seconds delay in RSL10 when waking up from sleep

I have used below sleep configuration when entering into sleep, after i am pressing power on switch to wakeup the controller when WAKEUP_WAKEUP_PAD_RISING but its taking 8seconds unwanted delay to reach main() function in RSL10 controller.

after wakeup with 8second delay, i am reading DIG->reset = 0x0001, ACS->reset = 0x0020, ACS->wakeup_state = 0x0000, values in this registers.

please check the sleep configuration used for this test, if anything wrong please update me.

/* Configure clock dividers */

/* Disable VDDC retention regulator */
fgst_ConfigSleepMode.VDDCRET_enable = EU_nDISABLE;

/* Disable VDDT retention regulator */
fgst_ConfigSleepMode.VDDTRET_enable = EU_nDISABLE;

/* Enable VDDM retention regulator */
fgst_ConfigSleepMode.VDDMRET_enable = EU_nENABLE;

/* enable memory regions for retention */
fgst_ConfigSleepMode.mem_power_cfg = ((PRAM0_POWER_ENABLE)|(PRAM1_POWER_ENABLE)|

/* Setting wake-up sources as Wake up pad with Rising Edge */

fgst_ConfigSleepMode.wakeup_cfg = WAKEUP_DELAY_32 |
									WAKEUP_DIO3_DISABLE      |
									WAKEUP_DIO2_DISABLE      |
									WAKEUP_DIO1_DISABLE      |

/* Set wake-up control/status registers, using PADS_RETENTION */
fgst_ConfigSleepMode.wakeup_ctrl = PADS_RETENTION_ENABLE  |
		                            BOOT_FLASH_APP_REBOOT_ENABLE |
		                            BOOT_FLASH_XTAL_DEFAULT_TRIM |
									WAKEUP_PAD_EVENT_CLEAR        |
									WAKEUP_RTC_ALARM_CLEAR        |
									WAKEUP_BB_TIMER_CLEAR         |
									WAKEUP_DIO3_EVENT_CLEAR       |
									WAKEUP_DIO2_EVENT_CLEAR       |
									WAKEUP_DIO1_EVENT_CLEAR       |
    /* Disable and ignore clock detector, set trim flag to avoid
     * ROM reinitializing all registers */



      /* Enter to Sleep Mode */|


As a starting point, this 8 second delay is likely caused by a Watchdog Timeout. This leads us to believe that the firmware being executed is hitting a Hardfault or an endless loop either while going to sleep or while waking up.

We suggest that as a starting point, it would be best to load the ‘sleep_RAM_retention’ sample firmware into the workspace and test to verify that the wakeup pin is behaving as expected (by first disabling the RTC 1s Wakeup). If this is found to be working, it would be best to create any custom sleep application using the process demonstrated in this firmware as it is a known functional starting point.

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