Switching to fota with out using push button is it possible?

hello, i am working on rsl10 with ble_pheripheral_server_bond ,
i had included fota in that ble_pheripheral_server_bond and its working good, when i press push button its going to fota otherwise it will be in ble advertisement mode,
but my question is that… can i switch to fota with out using pushbutton, i want use that push button for some other functionality.
is there any alternate way that switch to fota with out push button ?

Hello @kranthi.kumar,

The following section of code from app.c, reads the value of BUTTON_DIO and runs Sys_Fota_StartDfu() when it is HIGH.

        if (DIO_DATA->ALIAS[BUTTON_DIO] == 0)
        #if defined(CFG_BOOTLOADER)

You can define and configure a different DIO to replace BUTTON_DIO, and use a jumper wire to start DFU mode (aka FOTA).

You are also free to write your own function for activating DFU mode as you see fit.

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DFU Service e.g. device firmware update is demonstrated in our pre-existing FOTA sample apps.

It will allow to trigger the DFU Update firmware by use of a Custom Service over a BLE link (ie. without a push-button).

The Device Firmware Update (DFU) component, which is embedded in the FOTA stack, acts as the server for the DFU service. This component performs the actual update via the DFU custom service. The DFU component is activated automatically at device startup if no valid application sub-image is found on the device. The application can also start the DFU component by calling the function Sys_Fota_StartDfu().

Please see more details on this topic in our RSL10 documentation package → RSL10 Firmware Over-The-Air User’s Guide

Chapter 6. The DFU.

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