SPI Commutation Problem with NCV76124

write command “CLRSRAT“ to NCV76124
the 8 bit clrstat command is “00001010”, and the 5 bit crc is “01000”. with 3 bit unused “xxx”, the command transmited to NCV7612 is “{0xa0,0x40}”. The replies via SPI to the master command is “{0x80,0x81}”.
my question is ,

  1. is the data transmited to NCV76124 right?
    2)is the replies data right?
    and can i get a test case?

Hi @1148068289

As this Community Forum is intended to discuss connectivity products and solutions from onsemi for Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and Sub-GHz, we would like you to redirect your question to our technical support team at technical support which provides up to date information and services to meet your needs.

Thank you.