Sample applications and their ages

I am learning the OnSemi application framework.
As per the quick start guide I started with the ‘Peripheral Server’ sample application and I note that it has a copyright message dated up to 2017.

In that application I see that the messages a task will react to are provided at compile time via a const struct varaible.

Then I looked at the ‘ble_peripheral_server_bond’ sample app (copyright dated 2018) and I see it uses the function MsgHandler_add() which adds to a link list at run time.

Is there a latest app note which describes the ideal/best way to develop a new application?

Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @mtunwired

Please download our RSL10 Documentation package , which contains several useful documents such as RSL10_sample_code_users_guide or RSL10_firmware _reference to help you to develop your new application.

Thank you for using our community forum.

I have done that from the day I started and been going through that documentation.

I am drawing a call diagram from main() for ‘peripheral server’ and ‘ble peripheral server bond’ and they are significantly different and the later shows an evolution which is vastly better :slight_smile:

I can share the screenshots of the diagrams if it is possible to do that in this forum