RSSI is not changing regardless of distance

Hello everyone,

I am using an AX5243. I used AX-Radio Lab to get my configurations.
I read the RSSI from the FIFO as described in the programming manual. Everything works fine - I am able to receive and send data - . I set the AX_PKT_STORE_RSSI bit, and read out the correct “chunk”. Thus I receive a RSSI. The TMGRXRSSI is 0x03.

The received RSSI does not change and is allways either 0x93 or 0x92. No mather how far away from it’s communication partner the modem is? It stays 0x93 until the connection is lost.
Everything else works perfectly.

Is there something other than the PKTSTOREFLAG I have to consider?


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Would you share your RadioLab project ?
What are the code change and steps to replicate ?

Hi thank you very much for responding!

Here I am forwarding you my ax5243.h file with all the used define. And the ax5243.c with all the used algorithms. I don’t see a issue with the .c file. Since i am able to send and transceive messages.

ax5243.h (57,2 KB)
ax5243.c (31,7 KB)

e.G PktStoreFlags is used:

Maybe why i did not responde directly with the RadioLab + Code Changes Steps to replicate. This was done a couple of months ago. Furthermore we have to use a different development environment and hat do copy the relevant parts from the RadioLab project into our project.

Nikolas Zeitler