RSSI Calculations across devices

So I have noticed that when I look at the RSSI output on the AXM0F343, at low frequency’s in the 27-40MHz range, the signal is lost at roughly -85-90 RSSI. This baffles me as when operating at 915MHz the signal is lost somewhere around -110-115 RSSI.

I decided to do some tests and using the AXM0F243 samples I still had, with the same antenna configuration and external inductor as he transmitter was the AXM0F343. I measured and RSSI on the 243, and lost the signal around-105 RSSI. The only difference was the AX chip and obviously the code (due to IDE changes).

  • Does the AXM0343 require a large RSSI in order to register the signal?

  • Was there some change in the hardware of the AXM0343 that made it this way in comparison to the 5043 and 243?

  • Is there something in the programing that I could check or measure that might help me figure out why I’m loosing my signal at a lower RSSI?

  • I have noticed changes in the behavior of the chip in terms of consistency. The earlier samples I received in 2021 seem to be more consistent than samples I received in 2022. I heard there was possible a supplier/manufacturer change. Was that true, and is it possible that different methods and materials are the reason?

I work with Alex and I’d like to add that The AXM0F243 works flawlessly in the same configuration. What is the difference between the two chips? Is the code faulty in the newer when using the external inductor?