RSL10 UART polling not possible

Usually, a peripheral can run:

  • under polling,
  • under interrupt,
  • under DMA.

The last 2 methods are available for RSL10 UART but the first one isn’t possible because the RSL10 UART_STATUS offers a single flag indicating the overrun detection, but there is neither a “data received” flag nor a “data transmitted” flag.

This is quite strange because UART interrupts (UART_RX_IRQHandler and UART_TX_IRQHandler) need these flags internally as a triggering condition, but they are just not made available to the user.

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Hi @rvs,

You are absolutely correct in your assessment and we appreciate you sharing your findings with the rest of the community.

While all of the other RSL10 Digital IO Interfaces support polling, interrupt and DMA based implementation, the UART interface does not expose the necessary internal signals in the form of an accessible hardware register.