RSL10 I2C CMSIS Driver Issus

I’m trying to import and build the RSL10 i2c_cmsis_driver example code, In the rteconfig i2c driver is enabled but I’m getting an error on I2C (API) as Component is missing. and in the validation output I’m getting ::CMSIS Driver.I2C API is missing. I’ve attached the screenshot for reference.

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Have a look at this:

May be it’s something similar


Hi Mahaju,
Thanks, the thread you suggest was very helpful. After updating the packet the issue get solved.


I’m trying to add I2C to a project. On selecting I2C in .rteconfig file the following error appears:

How to solve?

Hi @lvrk ,
I think you might need double check the SDK/IDE and CMSIS Driver version.
I have this. It is difference with yours.

I am using this.

Thanks for the reply but I see different things depending on the project. The packs I’m using are the latest version.
The project to which I want to add an I2C device is qte_example_profile.
If I want to add I2C to Blinky I get the following image, which shows a long list of available drivers as in your case (see image below). Adding I2C works OK.

If I do the same in project qte_example_profile I get the following image:

Selecting I2C gives the error I reported before.

Hi @lvrk ,
To verify, we have i2C_cmsis_driver sample project. can you get it work?

Hi @lvrk

Can you please check the Packs tab of the rteconfig file?
The qte projects are set to only load CMSIS-Pack that are needed for the scope of the example to prevent overcrowding with all kinds of unrelated software components.

  1. Open .rteconfig file and switch to Packs tab near the bottom left of the editor window.
  2. Deselect Show only used Packs
  3. Check that ARM.CMSIS pack is included in the project with latest version. (required for the CMSIS-Driver API headers).


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Thank you very very much !