RSL10 FOTA Update

I am currently working on project on onsemi RSL10 I need to include FOTA feature in the project.So, how can I achieve this without using additional tools like python.

It would be possible as it works with RSL15.
But RSL10 does not have exe file.

It might need generate mkfotaimg.exe file from script.
The mkfotaimg.exe does not require python to be installed to create FOTA image.

Don’t forget to modify this. Use mkfotaimg.exe to replace

crossprefixobjcopy−Obinary"{cross_prefix}objcopy -O binary “crossp​refixobjcopy−Obinary”{BuildArtifactFileName}" “{ProjDirPath}/RTE/Device/RSL10/mkfotaimg.exe” -o “{BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.fota" "{ProjDirPath}/RTE/Device/RSL10/fota.bin” “${BuildArtifactFileBaseName}.bin”

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Hello Sir,
I am trying to enable bluetooth advertising along with fota if I include fota and ble stack then I am getting so many errors. Is it possible to use ble stack and fota in single project without any errors please help me to achieve this.

Based on your provided screen , there is an issue. You can not check BLE stack, since FOTA has included BLE stack.