RSL10 "failed to execute MI command

Hello: after loading the RSL10 peripheral_server example, and building, when I try to debug the project I get the message:
"Error in final launch sequence. Failed to execute MI command: -exec-run Error message from debugger back end: Error creating process … error 193.

Any help is truly appreciated!

Error 193 seems to be an invalid or corrupt .exe message.

From the Run->Debug Configurations window, did you create a “GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging” configuration? If so, on the configuration “main” tab be sure that the “C/C++ Application” has the path to the .elf file for your project.

Then on the Debugger tab there’s a path to the “Actual executable:” Can you run that executable from the command line? If not you may need to reinstall the JLink server.

If neither of those suggestions help, can you provide the full content of the console and debugger console windows?