RSL10 eval board changes to test peripheral_server_sleep sample code

Hi ,I am new to ble, I wanted to know what changes I should do in RSL10 eval board to test peripheral_server_sleep sample code?

The RSL10 evaluation board can be used in its native strap configuration to check the behavior (the LED will show you the activity). But this default setting won’t let you measure the current as other components on the board will also consume current… So, if you want to measure the RSL10 current consumed, you must modify your strap configuration as shown in red here:

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Thanks for the information but my objective is to see the behaviour alone which in this I am not able to see since there is no advertising event happening when I flash the code and perhaps it goes to sleep!

You can check with the “official” images here: KB: RSL10 Power Consumption Evaluation Guide
These hex images are functional.


Thanks ,it was helpful! It works.