RSL10 and LPDSP32 core

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I would like to stream audio using RSL10. Additionally, my project includes encoding the audio using a codec to compress the data. From what I understand, RSL10 includes a DSP core “LPDSP32” inside. Can I achieve this without downloading Chess DE and without writing extra code on LPDSP32 core ?

In the “RSL10 LPDSP32 Support Manual” it says on page 40 “So far, we have only considered the Arm Cortex-M3 core side of the implementation, but we also need to provide
LPDSP32 code which provides the other side of the implementation.”.

I am wondering if I can achieve encoding and decoding audio data only using OnSemi IDE. Chess DE and other Synopsys tools are licensed and needs purchasing. It would be awesome if I can achieve this only using OnSemi IDE and using wrapper functions. LPDSP32 implementation part kinda frightened me :slight_smile:

I have looked at some API functions and wrapper function like encode,decode and configure.


You will need to purchase the Chess DE and other Synopsis too license only if you wish the customize the G.722 or CELT/OPUS codecs that we provide by default.

You can find the codec source code within the ‘RSL10 LPDSP32 Software Package’, but you can also find a precompiled version of these codecs (parsed into several large hex tables so the CM3 can copy them into the DSP_DRAM execution area) within the ‘remote_mic_tx_raw’, ‘remote_mic_rx_raw’, ‘remote_mic_tx_coex’ & ‘remote_mic_rx_coex’ samples (TX Samples show Encode, RX Samples show Decode).

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