RSE - Continuous Tx on BLE Radio

Hi , for RSE(Radiated Spurious Emissions) testing , there is a requirement to continuously transmit data over BLE Radio , requesting you to please help me understand how to approach this , I already have a firmware to transmit data over ble every 1sec .

Is there a RSE test firmware available for RSL10 , please guide me where i can find more information on this .
Please use an application example from CMSIS pack hci_app sample project which allows placing the RSL10 in direct test mode.

To verify that this application is functioning correctly, use two RSL10 Evaluation and Development boards, or an RSL10 coupled with another third-party peripheral application. Set up the devices to take the roles of device under test (DUT), and lower tester (LT), as instructed in the dtm script readme file. Use the upper tester (dtm_script) to send data packets to the DUT. If the packet count received from the LT is consistent with the transfer from the UT (upper tester) to the DUT, the application is functioning correctly. The functionality can be tested and verified further by changing factors such as baud rate, runtime, payload type, and payload length.

Hi sir , when I am increasing my test time using the python command , the error rate is very high , can you help me understand how can I fix this , I have attached pictures also as you can see when test time is 450sec error rate is 91% .

The receive packet counter is only 16 bits and wraps around from 65536 to 0. The dtm_example only reads the receive counter once at the end of the test, so tests that send more than 65535 packets can run into this seemingly high PER.

If you adjust the receive packet count by adding 65536 * int(Txcount / 65536) you’ll see the packet error rate you’d expect.

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