Read and Write data using Custom service

I want to read and write text data using a custom service. I have added the service and characteristics. But I could not read and I am not able to decode the data which I have written. Is there any sample programs for custom service? Please look into this and suggest your opinion.


You can use peripheral_server_uart and central_client_uart examples .

To verify the Bluetooth Low Energy functionality, use RSL10 or another third-party central device application to establish a connection. In addition to establishing a connection, this application can be used to read/write characteristics and receive notifications.

ble_custom.c - Support functions and message handlers pertaining to the Custom Service Server

GATT : Server ,

Write random values for instance 1 , 2, etc.

GATT : Client

On the receive site random values data entered via phone application will be visible in UART terminal.
Binary tab values : 0b0001 , 0b0010 etc.


GATT: Server

Type your data in UART terminal . In this case Hexadecimal format 0x6F to be sent to the connected Client RSL10.


GATT: Client

Data 0x6F can be read in the mobile phone application.

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