Quuppa emultation

I’m trying to implement a Profile Change back-channel command in project qte_example_profile.
On reception of the BC command I do the following:

  • call QTE_DF_Stop()
  • switch the configuration in app_tag_states.c
    This doesn’t work and gives a reset.
    What should be the correct procedure?

Hi @lvrk ,

Neither QTE_DF_Stop or TAG_CONTROLLER_Start should be used or be available in the context of the qte_example_profile sample application.

For Profiles the only way is to create a custom profile based on the data from Back Channel request and then switch to it.

Your code suggest you are using the qte_example_tag_controller as base. If that is the case there is TAG_CONTROLLER_SetState function that is also demonstrated in the example code in APP_BC_ApplyStateConfigurationUpdate that does the same thing you want.

Best regards,

Hi Lukas,
Indeed I am using qte_example_tag_controller. I mentioned the wrong project – sorry !
I’m still lost in what is the correct procedure.
Can I not just update the configuration in app_tag_states.c for all the states, then call TAG_CONTROLLER_SetState to enter a given state?
Perhaps QTE_DF_Sto^p should be called first.

Upgrade QTE pack
I tried to upgrade to the most recent CMSIS pack.
For QTE I have an error as shown in the following screen capture.

If you are using the Tag_Controller layer then you should try to use it when corresponding API exists instead of calling underlying QTE library calls.
On the other hand the Tag Controller is intended as a template, so you can adjust it to your use case as you wish.

I am not able to replicate the issue by downloading the latest v0.7.1 package from the onsemi site.

Can you try to remove QTE related files from the Arm/Packs/* folders and reinstall the package?

Hi Lukas,
Sorry to reply late to your advise.
I do not know which folder you are referring to.
In the my Users folder in subdirectory ON_Semiconductor/PACK/OnSemiconductor I find old packs for RSL10 and RSL10_QTE.
Hence the latest versions are installed at another location.
I downloaded RSL10 SOFTWARE PACKAGE.ZIP again. Reinstalling does give an error but version 0.7.2 of QTEis not installed.
Perhaps we can have a call.