Provision using host MCU


I have an application where network include several nodes as server and one node as client. Server are sensors, they send data to client node.

I use the RSL10 modules and eclipse IDE.

1 - Is it possible for the client to be also provisionner, don’t use the phone application to provsion ?
2 - The client will be controlled by host MCU, is-it possible ? If yes, how the CLI works?

I get the documentation “User Guide – Mesh Command Line Interface”, I opened the port Jlink CDC Uart with RealTerm. Tried to send command as in documentation but it doesn’t work .


Hi @akoriche,

Unfortunately, standalone Mesh package and documentation is no longer available or supported. We recommend to use the ON Semiconductor: RSL10 Mesh Platform for any further Mesh developments.
We are sorry for inconveniences.

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Hi @rastislav.stefun ,

Thanks for the answer.

Is the RSL10-002GEV board supported by the RSL10 Mesh Platform?

Is-it possible to use the IDE to develop an application or we must use the mesh platform ?

The project we are working on consist of controling a provisonner with MCU. The MCU order the provisionning. Then when all node are provisionned, the provisionner gets the data from the mesh network. The MCU then send the collected data to a web app via GSM module ?
Is-it possible to start developepment with the RSL10-002GEV board or we need the strata gateway?

Hi @akoriche,

Please refer to reply from another Mesh thread.

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Hi @rastislav.stefun ,

Thank you for your answer.

1- If I purchase the Strata kit would I be able to do what I described in the last message ?

2- For the industrial production (thousand pieces) and deployment of our product, is it ok to base the solution on the software developped for the kit ?