On semi IDE RSL10 FOTA post build failure

Hello all,

I have installed On Semi IDE (version: and the latest SW package (RSL10.3.6.465).
When I’m trying to build the default “ble_peripheral_server_hrp_fota_sleep” I have an issue.

Finished building target: ble_peripheral_server_hrp_fota_sleep.elf

C:/Program Files (x86)/onsemi/IDE_V4.1.2.79/arm_tools/bin/make --no-print-directory post-build
c:/program files (x86)/onsemi/ide_v4.1.2.79/arm_tools/bin/sh: syntax error: unexpected “(”
make: *** [makefile:49: ble_peripheral_server_hrp_fota_sleep.elf] Error 2
“make -j4 all” terminated with exit code 2. Build might be incomplete.

Thank you in advance,


Are you able to build sample " Blinky " or you getting error on that example as well?

I have tested ble_peripheral_server_hrp_fota with same IDE version and CMSIS pack and build finished w/o errors.