New to rsl10 for ble connection to c# wpa and read output from rsl10

Dear All,

I purchased rsl10 about one month ago for my own project as i tried to create my own C# WFA to connect rsl10 through Bluetooth and read output from rsl10 accelerometer, i think i got lost.
Would anyone give me a guide or hint for me to follow?



You can refer to UM70019/D document, which should help to understand how can be detected and parsed any accelerometer data from an advertising packet.

If you are using one of the Beacon BDK firmware, MOTION SERVICE DATA (V1) section on page 3, gives you an overview of how the Motion Data advertising packets will be structured and which UUID you should be searching for.

If you are instead using the Custom Service to try and Read Accelerometer data, you will likely need to look into a BDK sample like Custom Service Firmware (sense_ics_firmware). This is a rather complex sample and we don’t have a guide for as it is intended to be operated using the mobile application. Reading the Sensor data from this firmware requires writing a certain text string to the ICS_IDX_RX_VALUE_VAL, which will then be parsed and trigger a handler for the specified Sensor. The Sensor handler will then create a response with the requested data and reply with a Notification containing the data.

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Appreciated for your valuable direction. I will look into it.
Thanks again.