NCV7520 maximum difference between grounds


Nowadays, we are developing an ECU for powertrain applications, and we want to use the ON SEMI NCV7520 gate driver solution.

But, we saw in the Datasheet that the device cannot support ±0.3V difference between it´s GROUNDS

The question is, How do you recommend to connect these two grounds? Do you have any protection circuit for that?
Our application needs to have 2 wires of ground. One for power and other for logic and supplies.

Kind Regards.

As this community forum is intended to discuss connectivity products and solutions from ON Semiconductor for Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and Sub-GHz we would like you to redirect your question to our technical support team at: technical support which provides up to date information and services to meet your needs.
Thank you.

OK sorry. i send to technical support.