Looking for an RF Controller recommendation - 2000 kbps @ 350-380Mhz

I’m looking for an RF controller that can operate in the 350-380Mhz band, with a data rate of 2000 kbs. It looks like the AX8052F131 would work for the data rate but not at the desired frequency. Any recommendations? Thanks!

I am interested in your project. I am using the 8052F131 @ OOK/ASK@2Mbps, but the 131 does not have a reception function, what chip are you using to receive the signal of the 131?

TI have >2Mbps ICs, such as cc1200,cc1310…
but no ASK/OOK up 2M(datasheet is 2M,but no one can use this parameter,i do not know why)

PS: you can try use 131@350MHz, maybe it can work!
use the spectrometer to check the output frequency after setting the frequency at 350. Or after a while I can help you verify if it works

Hi Eric,
the AX8052F131 ( AX8052 MCU + AX5031 Transmitter) cannot operate at frequencies below <400 MHz.
This limitation is due to the limited PLL range that cannot lock at frequencies outside the 400−470 MHz and 800−940 MHz as stated in the datasheet.

The AX5043 would be able to operate in this frequency band, but then you will have to limit your datarate to 125 kbps.
Also the AX5045 can work below 400 MHz, but with a max datarate of 200 kbps.

Hi Liu, you will not be able to get the PLL to lock at 350 MHz, as the AX5031 (and AX5051) don`t have a large enough tunable VCO tank. The datasheet sets 400 MHz as lower limit. You may be able to lock down to ~385 MHz but not reliably.

Thanks Georgi, appreciate the detailed response.


any receive ICs to demodulate ASK/OOK @2Mbps ?

Hi @Liu. Currently, our wider band SubGHz transceiver from onsemi is the AX5051.
The AX5051 supports:

  • Data Rates from 1 to 350 kbps (FSK, MSK), 1 to 600 kbps (ASK), 10 to 600 kbps (PSK)
  • Frequencies in ranges 400−470 MHz and 800−940 MHz Bands

If the 2.4 GHz band is an option for your wireless application, take a look at the RSL10 as it supports datarates from 62.5 to 2000 kbps (FSK, MSK, GFSK).

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