Kernel Schedule from timer interrupt


I have an existing BLE application that I am porting from a different MCU to RSL10. Most of the work of the app is done in the main loop where some operations can take several tens of seconds to complete.

I understand that I need to call Kernel_Schedule() periodically to handle BLE events.

  1. How often do I need to call it?
  2. How does call interval correlate to app advertising interval?
  3. Is it allowed to move it to a timer interrupt and just call it periodically from it?

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  1. 10ms
  2. The kernel scheduling interval is less than the advertising interval
  3. That should work. Just be sure to also update the watchdog timer periodically as well.

If I increase the advertising interval to say 180 ms am I allowed to call Kernel_Schedule() less frequently than 10 ms?

I do not believe so. The timers in the kernel are based on a 10ms tick to my understanding. If the kernel isn’t called at least once every 10ms then the kernel timers will not be accurate.

Thank you for your help!

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