KB: Using the RSL15 CMSIS Interface to Import and Configure Firmware

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Th RSL15 comes paired with a power and intuitive CMSIS-Pack interface that integrates seamlessly with the onsemi IDE. This interface allows you to easily navigate through various packs, version and sample firmware, while enabling you to setup and configure each project to your specific firmware needs.

In the sections below we will go over each of the steps required to get you set up with your first sample firmware within the IDE, as well as how you can expand and configure the functionality of each.

Adding the RSL15 Software CMSIS-Pack

1. Adding the CMSIS View to your Eclipse Workspace


2. Importing the RSL15 Software CMSIS-Pack

Importing a New Sample Project

1. Select the device vendor [ONSemiconductor]
2. Select the device specific pack and version [RSL15]
3. Open the ‘Examples’ dropdown and find the desired sample firmware
4. Right click on the sample firmware and select 'Copy’

RTE Configuration

All CMSIS-based sample firmware will come with an already configured ‘.rteconfig’ file specific to the project. This file is used to control the CMSIS components that are added to the project files, and also allows you to select which version of the components should be used.

CMSIS-Pack Versions

1. Navigating to the Packs tab

2. Select the preferred Pack version

CMSIS-Pack Components

Adding the RSL15 GPIO CMSIS Driver Component

The RTE Project Directory

Within all CMSIS-based projects you will find a directory called ‘RTE’. This directory contains all of the CMSIS components you have added to the project, as well as all of the necessary device support files that are required to execute on the RSL15.

Here you can see all of the device support components, along with the GPIO driver that we added in the previous steps. All of the necessary Library and Include files will be automatically added to the project settings when you configure you ‘.rteconfig’ file.

RTE Device File

Once you have added all of the CMSIS components that are required within your project, you will have the ability to configure the CMSIS Driver settings using the CMSIS Configuration Wizard user interface.

1. Open the ‘RTE’ Directory and find the ‘RTE_Device.h’ file
2. Right click on the ‘RTE_Device.h’ file and select 'Open With > CMSIS Configuration Wizard’

3. Enable the necessary CMSIS Drivers and use the dropdown menu to configure them

Declaring Drivers in Firmware

1. Add the necessary ‘#include’ calls to your project files


2. Declare the necessary external driver structures


3. Declare the necessary prototype for the CMSIS Driver handler


4. Define the necessary CMSIS Driver handler


5. Declare a global pointer to reference your driver structures


6. Assign your global pointer and initialize the CMSIS Driver