KB: Using the RSL10 USB Dongle and BLE Explorer package

1. Where to get the RSL10 USB Dongle BLE Explorer package RSL10 :

The package is available here and shown in the image below.

The dongle can be used out of the box with this application.

Further details are available in the BLE Explorer package above, the RSL10 Sample Code User’s Guide, and the RSL10 Firmware-Over-The-Air User’s Guide.

Pictured below BLE Explorer : Battery service 180F , battery level : 72%.

2.How to recover a BLE dongle to default ?

It is possible to restore the default Dongle Firmware by using the .bin file and Python script available in the BLE Explorer installation (found under ‘{Installation Dir}/Bluetooth Low Energy Explorer/Firmware/’).

The user can change the firmware on the Dongle using SEGGER JLink, but when restoring to the default firmware, this .bin file and Python script should be used.

The Dongle does not have on-board JLink or a JLink interface, so the only way to change the firmware is to use the ‘updater.py’ script and a .bin file. If you want to load a ‘Serial Central’ firmware, you will need to build the project and use your new custom .bin with the ‘updater.py’ script. This script will always place the new firmware after the bootloader in Flash, so there is no concern about the bootloader being overwritten (unless the –force command is used, which runs the risk of deleting the bootloader and bricking the Dongle).

In short, the bootloader will always be present if the firmware was updated correctly, so you will always be able to revert the Dongle to the original firmware using the DongleFW.bin.