KB: Use GUI tool for DTM HCI test of RSL10

The following instructions show how to use the GUI tool HciHelper.exe for DTM tests. For more details about DTM testing, please refer to《Bluetooth Core 5.0 》-- vol6 part F “Direct Test Mode”.

Follow these two steps below, and then start your test:

download the GUI tool: HciHelper_V3.0.zip (702.8 KB)
The latest version of this tool is V3.0.
The Coded option (S=2/S=8) is untested.

this GUI tool need use with our hci_app sample in RSL10 side

Hello, where can I download this GUI ? Also do I have to use UART pins(Tx and Rx) for this test or can I use JTAG connection for that ?


this tool just need uart pins

If there is not uart pins, can continuous wave rx mode work ?

This tool communicates with RSL10 by UART, if there is no uart pins, the tool can’t work well. To get this tool, please download.HciHelper_V3.0.zip (702.8 KB)