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The purpose of this spreadsheet and the corresponding VBA user-forms is to generate power and current consumption estimates when the RSL10 is operating in a variety of commonly used configurations in the peripheral role of a Bluetooth Low Energy environment. This tool assumes the use of the RSL10’s Ultra-Low Power sleep mode in-between the Advertising and Connection Events.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded from the link below. Instructions on how to use this tool to generate your estimates are included in the first sheet titled ‘Introduction’.

Please note that in order to use the spreadsheet as intended you must select the ‘Enable Editing’ option in Excel (typically at the top of the screen when the file is loaded), and to enable the included Userforms, you must also select the ‘Enable Content’ option if your Excel is not configured to allow Macros by default.

RSL10 Power Consumption & Battery Estimator

RSL10_Power_Consumption_&_Battery_Estimator_V1.xlsm (245.9 KB)

RSL10 Power Consumption Evaluation Guide

The complimentary topic link below goes into more details regarding the hardware/software setup and the measurement equipment guidelines that should be followed to reproduce and validate the measurements produced by this spreadsheet.

RSL10 Power Consumption Evaluation Guide

RSL10 Impacts of RAM Retention on Sleep Current

RSL10 Impacts of RAM Retention on Sleep Current