KB: Number of Concurrent Bluetooth Low Energy Connections

[RSL10 - Knowledge Base]


How many concurrent Bluetooth Low Energy connections (either Peripheral or Central role) can the RSL10 maintain when using the default Bluetooth Stack?


When making use of the default Bluetooth LE Stack (Low Power and other Stack variant can reduce this concurrent count), the RSL10 can maintain up to 8 concurrent connections.

When using many connections, you must consider the Connection Intervals set by each of the connections separately. If the RSL10 does not have time to process all of the Connection Interval events in a repeating fashion, the other devices may terminate the connection due to the RSL10 failing to communicate on the expected intervals.

If more than 8 concurrent connections are required for a specific use case, RSL10 also offers a Bluetooth LE Mesh Stack that greatly expands these limitations by making use of Broadcast and Subscription/Publication functionality.