KB: Mass Production for FOTA file


To burn the .fota firmware into an RSL10 chip, we need to perform these two steps:

  1. Burn bootloader.hex into RSL10 using the SWD interface.
  2. Burn the .fota file into RSL10 using the UART interface.

For some, this process is inconveniently complex. Can we burn the .fota firmware into the RSL10 chip by using just one command through the SWD interface?

You can burn the .fota firmware into the first chip with SWD and UART, as above, and then read it into one .hex. You can then use this .hex to burn the firmware onto other chips using SWD only. Also, note that our flash loader software tool has read function, which might prove useful here.

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You can also modify the post-build command in order to perform the merge automatically each time you generate, as described by FOTA standalone image automated