KB: How to activate printf at see the output at terminal serial console

Here are the steps to see printf on your serial console:

  1. Open your app.c → app.h header file.

  1. Change




  1. Click on the Console tab.

  2. Launch the serial console with this key-press combination:

  3. Fill in your settings as shown in this figure:


  1. See your Terminal and serial output, as shown below:


Thank you for you article.

Can it work when the RSL10 is configured to be in sleep mode ?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the UART interface when the RSL10 is in Sleep mode. The majority of the digital interface is powered-down to conserve power, so using any of our IO is not possible in Sleep.

If you would like to use the UART in-between sleep cycles, it will need to be reconfigured after every wakeup (call ‘printf_init()’) and will only be available for use while the device remains awake.

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