KB: Getting set up with the RSL10 SDK & Eclipse IDE


What steps are necessary to access the RSL10 SDK and set up the Eclipse based tools


  1. Go to the RSL10 product page page
  2. Use the download buttons on the main page
  3. Download and read the RSL10 Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions
  4. Download and install the Eclipse based ON Semiconductor IDE Installer
  5. Download and unzip the RSL10 Software Package which contains the RSL10 CMSIS Pack
  6. Follow instructions in the RSL10 Getting Started Guide to install the CMSIS Pack and sample projects
  7. Other optional downloads are available, such as the RSL10 Bluetooth Mesh Package , the RSL10 USB Dongle BLE Explorer, the RSL10 Software Utility Apps, and the RSL0 LPDSP Software Package.

Note 1: The RSL10 Documentation Package is provided as a separate download in the list, and its contents are also included in the RSL10 Software Package so it does not need to be downloaded if the software package is installed.
Note 2: The RSL10 Software Package also includes the release notes document
Note 3: MyON accounts are required to download many of these packages. An account can be created here
Note 3: The CMSIS pack is also compatible with IAR & Keil. More details are available here.
Note 4: Setting up the tools to program the LPDSP32 is a separate process described in this post.

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Hi! I’m trying to follow your steps and when I click on Download Software Package it sends me to another page but never downloads.
I tried to go at software page and nothing. This is the page wich I can see

How can I download RSL10 Software Package? Could you help me please?
Thank you!

Problem solved! Was the AD-Blocker.


Thank you