KB: Getting set up with the LPDSP32 tools for RSL10


What steps are required to set up the tools necessary to program the LPDSP32 on the RSL10?


The RSL10 includes both Arm Cortex-M3 and LPDSP32 processors (as illustrated in the block diagram below), allowing wide flexibility in adding functionality to your Bluetooth Low Energy solution. This guide describes how to set up the necessary tools to program the LPDSP32, which can be used to implement audio CODECs or various other algorithms.

Note: The Bluetooth Low Energy radio is configured using the CM3, and is programmable using the standard tools which can be set up by following this guide.

The following steps will allow you to set up a 30-day license with the Synopsys tools needed to program this DSP. For details on purchasing a license, contact your local ON Semiconductor sales or distribution partner.

  1. Go to the Synopsys Eval Portal
  2. Log into the evaluation portal and register for an account if you do not have one already.
  3. Select the product line ASIP Programmer.
  4. Select the LPDSP32 as the product.
    • Note: ensure that the HostID provided is from your PC and not a docking station.
  5. Request an evaluation license.
  6. Synopsys will email instructions where to download and install the requested tools.

Once the Synopsys tools are set up, you can download the RSL10 Documentation Package (see image below) at the RSL10 product page. Within, there is an LPDSP32 folder with associated documentation.