KB: Adding Custom Service Support to an RSL10 Firmware that uses the DFU Service (FOTA)

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When designing a Bluetooth Low Energy solution on the RSL10, it may be necessary to create your own Custom Service if the standard Profiles are not meeting all of your needs.

On the RSL10, it is required to have only a single Attribute Database that describes all of the various Custom Services that will be passed to the Stack. Therefore, because the DFU Service is also a unique Custom Service, if you are using FOTA as well, you will be required to merge the DFU Service Attribute Database with any other Custom Service Attribute Databases you wish to use.

Is there a sample available that provides an outline/guide on how multiple Custom Services can be supported alongside FOTA?


We have developed an updated version of the DFU files that have added support for the Custom Service. These files are attached below, along with an altered BLE_HRP_FOTA sample firmware that makes use of the extended DFU/Custom Service.

ble_dfus.c (26.7 KB)
ble_dfus.h (2.5 KB)

ble_peripheral_server_hrp_fota.zip (394.6 KB)