"JTAG buffer is full" error and problem downloading LPDSP32 program from ChessDE

I am getting the following error when downloading LPDSP32 programs

It was working properly earlier and I don’t know what is causing this now, this seems to have happened suddenly and randomly as far as I can tell

I have tried reset/clean work directory, and also restarted the computer and disconnected and reconnected the JTAG connections

This is the error I get when trying to Start debugging in ChessDE

If this error happens, I get the following error in ChessDE

The text in ChessDE console says this:

Checking if JTalk server is running at 'localhost:41001' ...
JTalk server is running on server 'localhost:41001'
Starting debugger "lpdsp32_client"
{C:/Synopsys/ASIP Programmer/Q-2020.03/lpdsp32-v3_vQ-2020.03/lib/../debug_client/lpdsp32_client} -s localhost:60848
ERROR : ERR (1) : instruction value difference at address 0. Instruction found in memory: 0x0, instruction found in program being loaded: 0x64000 409600 : in function check_hardware
ERROR : ERR (1) : program memory contents in hardware is different from value found in executable being loaded : in function loadprogram (elf)
ERROR : ERR (1) :  : in function ::iss program load D:/rsl10_workspace/lpdsp32_fibonacii_sample/Release/Fibonacci -disassemble -dwarf -nmlpath {C:/Synopsys/ASIP Programmer/Q-2020.03/lpdsp32-v3_vQ-2020.03/lib} -extradisassembleopts +Mdec -do_not_set_entry_pc 0 -do_not_load_sp 0 -pm_check first -no_profile_breakpoints -no_cycle_count_breakpoints -load_offsets {} -software_breakpoints_allowed on -hardware_breakpoints_allowed on 
Disassemble command used: darts -c D:/rsl10_workspace/lpdsp32_fibonacii_sample/Release/Fibonacci -I"C:/Synopsys/ASIP Programmer/Q-2020.03/lpdsp32-v3_vQ-2020.03/lib" lpdsp32 -o D:/rsl10_workspace/lpdsp32_fibonacii_sample/Release/Fibonacci.cmic2_2035319918656 "-IC:/Synopsys/ASIP Programmer/Q-2020.03/lpdsp32-v3_vQ-2020.03/lib/runtime/include" -D__tct_patch__=0   +Mdec +F
Stack range [57344..65528] has been loaded from elf executable for stack memory DMA and stack pointer SP
Stack pointer SP for memory DMA has been initialised from elf executable to 65528

What is causing this problem and how do I fix this?

Hi @mahaju ,
I have no idea for this issue since I can’t reproduce this on my side.
How about try reduce the speed from 2000 to 1000?


That’s ok I will reconnect everything and try your suggestion of using 1000 for speed

I was wondering if this message indicates anything specific, like hardware connection issue or some configuration problem, or if this is a general error message and doesn’t give any details