Issues transmitting and receiving with AX5043

For a project, I am using two ADD5043-433-2-GEVK I bought off mouser ( I am using a third party MCU to program them. I am able to get spi communication and all, but I cannot seem to get FSK communication between the two working. I went through and set everything according to what i want but I wasn’t able to get them to communicate.

Just to check if the values I was setting might be wrong, i left all of them default as well (except for the IRQ to tell me when FIFO is not empty and also for a TCXO and that the frequency is greater than 24MHz and to divide it by 4). Then I tell one to transmit by setting to TX mode, loading the FIFOREGISTER with the preamble, length etc then the data and commit. I poll waiting for the RADIOSTATE to be idle.

I am fairly sure I transmit since I loaded the FIFOREGISTER with the max amount of data, read if it was full or not which it was full, then committed and sent so that to me indicates it sent.

For the receiver I have the same settings and just tell it to interrupt when the fiforegister is not empty, and within the MCU I just wait for that interrupt which never comes.

If you would like me to provide my code as well let me know, but what could be the issue if I am also using the default values for the setup?