Is it possible to add external PA/LNA to the AX5243

Is it possible to add external pa and/or lna to the AX5243, since this chip has only one pin for both pa output and lna input, it confused me how to do it.
I want to do something like:

AX5243 <–> SPDT <–> PA/LNA <–> SPDT <–> Antenna
And i will select external pa or lna using GPIO via spdt switches.

Best Regards.

Hi Kadir,
the AX5043 / AX5243 have already an internal RF switch allowing to toggle between the PA and LNA. You can therefore connect your external PA/LNA IC directly to the chip and accurately switch between TX and RX both on your ext IC and on our radio (switch is done automatically switching PWRMODE into FULLTX or FULLRX).

As recommendation I can suggest you replicating the schematic we use on our AX-SFUS development board To have a similar circuit you`ll need to use the AX5043 (where both Single Ended and Differential PAs are available).
(Note on the topic: FAQ: What are the differences between AX5043 and AX5243? )

Best regards,